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Police - 100    Fire Brigade - 101    Sadar Hospital - 06454 244478    S.P. Purnea 224508(O) 224502(R) 227435 (F)    D.M. Purnea 242503(O) 243837 (R) 242599 (F)    Commissioner Purnea Range 243199(O) 242246(R) 244141(F)    District Control Room 242270    Red Cross Society 224211    Civil Surgeon 224478    C.J.M. 242637(O) 242337(R)    D.D.C. 242621(O) 242303(R)    Police Line Purnea 242533    Railway Enquiry (Purnea Junction) : 06454-222808    Railway Enquiry (Katihar Junction) : 06452-222551, 222594      Police Line : 06454-242533    Power House Stn. (Supply) : 06454-243761




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 Purnea Range




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